1914 The founder Teizaburo Suzuki started manufacturing and selling of the straw looming machines.
1938 Incorporated and Teizaburo Suzuki became the President.
1941 Three companies merged and started Shizuoka Straw looming Mfg. Co., Ltd. with capital of 180,000yen.
1953 Shigeo Suzuki became the President.
1957 First grain dryer was introduced.
1958 The name of company changed to Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.
1964 Designated as a model factory for the rationalization of venture enterprises by the Japanese government.
1965 Incresed the capital to 72 million yen.
1968 Opened Asaba plant. Increased the capital to 100 million yen.
1974 First infrared oil heater was introduced.
1976 First automatic moisture meter was introduced. The plant for Agricultural processing equipments opened.
1978 The new head office was built.
1980 Factory administrative office opened at Asaba plant site.
1981 The office of electronics division opened.
1982 Developed the world first electro chemical polishing machine.
1987 First electro chemical polishing machine was introduced.
1991 First rice & vegetable cooler was introduced.
1993 First kitchen waste composter was introduced.
1994 Shigeo Suzuki became the Chairman. Naojiro Suzuki became the President.
1995 Opened a office in Dailien, China.
1997 Increased the capital to 160 million yen. Awarded ISO9001certificate.
1998 Opened a plant in Dailien, China.
1999 Started the environmental equipment division.
2001 Awarded ISO14001 certificate.
2003 Merged with YAMANA HOLDING The capital :153,55million yen.
2007 Established subsidiary, “Plan Eco Co., Ltd.” which operates a farmer’s market, “Toretate-Club” in Japan.
2010 Established sales subsidiary, “Shizuoka Seiki Canada Inc.” in Canada.
2013 Established subsidiary, “Shizuoka Hansung Co., Ltd.” in South Korea.
2017 Established sales subsidiary, “Shizuoka Seiki(S.S.)Americas Inc.” in the US.
Closed sales subsidiary, “Shizuoka Seiki Canada Inc.” in Canada.