Company name Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.
President Naojiro Suzuki
Established 1941 (Foundation : 1914)
Capital 153,550,000yen
Number of employee 277 (as of March 31, 2019)
Annual sales 10,360 million yen (Year ended March 31, 2019)

Head office location

Head office

1300 Moroi, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka-ken, JAPAN 437-1121

Branch office


Dalian Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd. (China)
Shizuoka Hansung Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Shizuoka Seiki (S.S.)Americas Inc. (U.S.A.)
Plan Eco Co., Ltd. (Toretate-Club) (Japan)

Related company

J.S.O’Will, Inc. (USA)

Major business

Manufacturer and sales of Infrared Heaters(VAL6), Forced Air Heaters, Vaporizing Air Cooling Fan, Grain Dryers, Rice Cool Storages, Rice Milling Machines, Rice Color Sorters, Rice Washing Machines, Soy bean related products, Moisture Meters, Grain Analyzers(constituents and appearance), and Composters

Grain Dryer

Rice Cool Storages

Rice color sorter

Rice Inspector

Infrared Oil Heater

Evaporative Air Coolerg